Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How could a poet not be happy with a windmill...

how could I not be happy with a story like this?  What I love about living right now is that the movement towards a lifestyle that is cleaner and more respectful and loving of the earth has such momentum--and on every step of this way, poetry becomes more real to me.

What could be realer than the metaphor of wind, the spirit of the air, the cleanser and communicator, powering a place of learning and wisdom?  What I love about living right now is that the metaphors provided by such events are clear, pure, open, giving right down to the bottom and beyond.  I don't feel a need for prevarication, ambiguity, or torturous paths to access their magic.  The metaphorical power of earth, air, fire, water--nature--and our place in it-- is directly accessible to me like a spring of good water.

I learned yesterday from WOM-PO that in the language of the Dagara people of Nigeria, the words for "Art" and "Sacred" are the same.  My guess is that a spirituality centered in the earth is exactly what makes this kind of unity possible.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Mm, thanks for sharing your newly found knowledge about the language of the Dagara people. It gives being an artist a whole new meaning... just think about it. Someone asks you "So what do you do?" And you say "I'm live and write the sacred" I sounds good to me.

Ashling said...

The combination of any 'new' technology and forces/elements that existed before any being took its first breath is indeed poetry, and you've described the process in a truly inspirational way. Thank you.