Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Ninth Wave!

So this is it, the first day of the ninth and last wave of the Mayan Calendar, known as the time of universal consciousness, the beginning of the age of love and the end of separation.  Brooke Medicine Eagle has good insights about these times in her series of videos.

Till 6 pm today, EST, there is a "synchronized global breathing event" in the Universal Breathing Room where you can breathe with others to usher in the ninth wave with others around the globe, in oneness through the wonders of the web.

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Gary B. Fitzgerald said...



Do the horsemen now ride
with sword unsheathed and longbow strung?
Do the horsemen ride
with their beasts and a terrible balance?
Do we face the unforgiving and pale?

I hear hoof beats, hear the screams,
see them thundering down upon us
in the news.

Do we leave now the stage
unfinished, the last verse unsung?
Do we leave the stage
in spite of all efforts and valiance?
Despite all our triumphs still fail?

I hear the cold clang of steel,
smell the iron in the blood
in the news.

Does the world end tonight,
the last bell of warning been rung?
Does the world now end
in chaos and terror and violence?
Does the Angel of Death all hail?

Do the horsemen now ride down upon us,
or the news?

Copyright 2008 - SOFTWOOD-Seventy-eight Poems, Gary B. Fitzgerald