Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sand, Close Up

The wonder never stops! Photos by Gary Greenberg:
Incredible: To think we are walking on 'these tiny treasures'Magnified:The grains are shown to be delicate, colourful structures each as unique as a snowflake.


J.A. Roney said...

I walk Cocoa Beach daily--never knew the grand treasures at my feet were this colorful!

Glen said...

world in a grain of sand!

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

We will get this solved for sure. Our persistence predicts success! How I love your posts, and that we can help one another to communicate with this technology despite any impediments it might grains of sand-individual and specific-we stand alone and together to make miracles.

Annie Finch said...

Dear faithful readers,
I was concerned to see that some folks were having technical trouble posting comments on American Witch...and with the very kind help of some of you, I have been working to address those issues and make it easier to post. It seems to be working now! Thank you so much for your persistence and generosity! Annie

Annie Finch said...

Many thanks to you, Ms!!!

Gary B. Fitzgerald said...

An Old Friend

Visited a dear old friend today;
been a long time since I’ve seen her.
It was good to see her again. I missed her.
I think she was glad to see me too.
She gave me a little wave and we embraced.
She’s been a friend of the family, it seems,
for almost forever, since I was a child at least,
and our affection was never misplaced.
As lives change and fortunes drift
it’s good to have a friend who’s always there,
someone constant and wise who offers
no rejection and never changes,
to fill your cup with a helping hand.

It was good to see her again…always the same
in her wrinkled old blue and white shift.
But though welcoming and willing to listen,
very old and somewhat nervous, never still,
ever tending her garden, feeding her birds or,
with delicate care, her seaside souvenir collection
continuously rearranges, always fussing over
and smoothing the sand.

Copyright 2010 - Ponds and Lawns-New and Corrected Poems, Gary B. Fitzgerald