Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Swirls

Sometimes my care as a writer gets the best of me as a blogger. I have various posts in the works--one on "Solstice Weddings," since the way I celebrated the Solstice this year was by celebrating a couple of amazing unions.  One on my new Tarot deck (Druidcraft).  One on the amazingness of the garden.  One on Esbats.  And this one--the one that I'm not revising, so it is the one that will be posted.  This one is just to say that it's the height of the summer and I am in a swirl of happy projects before heading to a writing retreat.  Like my garden, I am bursting over.  The fertility and fecundity of life has often overwhelmed me, but this week I am just revelling in it.  I've discovered if I sit back and just let it run, it does!   Happy summer, everyone.  Enjoy!